Private Jet Charter: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Private Jet Charter

At present, private jet is not only for wealthy and elite people only. This is because there are many private jet companies offer jet chartering services. Do not be shocked if the cost chartering a private jet is not as costly as you thought. Let us see 10 reasons why you should consider flying by a private jet charter.

1. Save tons of time
Having a private jet charter means you can arrange everything, like the departure time, the departure and the landing airport, the terminals, the food, the ground transportation and the type of jet, to name a few. Therefore, you do not have to queue long for tickets, check-in and walk away to terminal. You are not required to be at the airport two to three hours before departure. 15 minutes is just adequate. If you want to postpone your schedule in a sudden, you only need to inform the jet chartering companies and you can arrange your schedule. Upon arrival, you do not have to wait for your luggage. Can you imagine how much time you can save for all the activities described above?

2. Super fast
Over 600miles per hour, that's how fast can a private jet can peak. This kind of speed can not be challenged by the conventional carriers. If you are in hurry, definitely this is the best option.

3. Flexibility in all aspects
You can choose your airport, terminals, departure time, the size of jet, etc. You too can reschedule your travel at any time.

4. Economical
You can do calculations on the cost of flying one way by a private jet charter in a group, let say 10 people. Then compare it with the same number of business class tickets need to be purchased from a conventional flight. Well, it might be slightly more, but it worth the tons of time saved.

5. Security - you fly with people you know. You do not have to worry about terrorist. In addition, you do not have to worry losing your luggage, as normally occur in the conventional flights.

6. Spacious room and very comfortable - you can have a meeting in the jet, each passenger can use the laptop, you can watch movies and whatever you want to do. You do not have to worry about passenger next and behind you.

7. You can choose you own private jet - there are various types of jet available. You can pick one which is particular to your needs, whether small, medium or large in size. There are also various facilities for you to choose from.

8. Food specially catered for you - the food cooked for one or several people certainly better than for many people.

9. Privacy - give you peace of mind because nobody know your purpose of traveling, is it for business matters or personal.

10. Prestige - this cannot be earned by those flying conventional flights.

Ready to board a private jet charter? Check out our tips on choosing the right company.

Private Jet Charter - What Make a Private Jet Charter Better Than Commercial Flights?

Private Jet Charter - What Make a Private Jet Charter Better Than Commercial Flights?

If you want to fly with luxury and comfort, there is no other than boarding a private jet charter. What makes a private jet charter is better than commercial flights?

Of course you do not need to queue to buy tickets or check-in. You are treated like a king. You choose everything such as the departure time, the airport, the food, the ground transportation and the people boarding with you. In addition, there will be no delays as typical commercial flights.

You do not need to be in the airport two to three hours before the flight. That takes up so much of your precious time and is simply exhausting. With the private jet charter you can arrive 15 minutes early, board the jet and fly. Some more, the time taken to reach your destination is lesser than the commercial flights. Isn't it so efficient and fast?

Not only that, the space in a private jet charter is wide enough to give you comfort and peace of mind. You are free to move around and you do not need to worry about passenger next of behind you.

Customer service provided is at the tip-top level. Say whatever you need, everything will be available in front of you in a short time only. You will be smiling all the way to be treated like a king.

The food provided is cooked only for you, which certainly provides a significant difference compared with food that is cooked for a number of people. While enjoying food, you can also watch in-flight movies. These certainly make your friends who board commercial flights envy.

If you plan business trips, private jet charter is the right choice. You can choose which airport to land. This means that you land closer to your destination. Hence, you reach your destination quickly. This certainly saves a lot of time.

One of the benefits flying by a private jet charter is it gives you privacy that you can not get from regular aircraft. You only fly with those you know. Either you fly individually or with friends, family or your employees. Whether you fly for business purpose or personal affairs, no one can question it.

At present, private jet charter is not limited to rich people only. More and more business people using private jet charter services especially for business matters. It is also cost effective if you fly in group. With private jet charter, you only pay per hour usage. The total cost flying in group could be cheaper than each member in your group purchase commercial flights ticket.

If you want a luxury, comfort, time saving, cost effective, private jet charter is the answer. You may need to pay a little extra, but that match the value you get.

Private Jet Charter: Private Jet Membership – Helpful Tips before Buying One

Private Jet Charter: Private Jet Membership – Helpful Tips before Buying One

Nowadays, many people especially business people turn into private jet charter as their mean of transportation. To save cost, many of them looking for any membership offered. Let us learn what is necessary to know before joining a private jet membership.

The demand of private jet charter has rising drastically which urge private jet chartering companies to compete among them. They put on so many efforts to win hearts of customers. Hence, their membership cards can be obtained at a reasonable price. It could be cheaper than renting the entire jet or fractional ownership. You can do online search or ask the company itself to know about a particular membership.

You need to evaluate a few basic things before obtaining a private jet membership. Think about the frequency of your flights. If you fly frequently, then that's a good sign for taking private jet membership. You too can look at the distance of your flight. If you travel just a few times, but the distance is far, that's another good indicator showing the needs for membership. Also, take into account, how many people will fly with you. If you normally fly in group, having a membership could minimize your cost. If you like fast, luxury, privacy and security, having a private jet membership could be the best option.

The next step is identifying the type of jet. Most private jet chartering companies provides three main types of jet. Each private jet is designed to meet particular requirements by customers. A light jet can take in up to 8 people and the distance flight is around 2000km. A midsize jet can handle up to 9 people and the distance flight is around 2500km. whereas, a large jet can handle up to 15 people and the distance flight is approximately 5000km.

After you have specified the requirements above, the following step is determining how many hours you will be on the private jet; calculate the total hours per month or per year. 10 hours is the minimum length. You can increase the number of hours in multiple of 10, such as 20, 30 onwards. Nevertheless, if your needs exceed the limit set in, you may have to think of fractional jet ownership. The best thing about private jet membership is your flight hours has no expiry date. You can use it whenever you want.

Nowadays, not only rich people can afford traveling by a private jet, you too can. There are many private jet chartering companies offer affordable rates. If you fly often, and you want to enjoy the benefits of a private jet charter, it is highly recommended you taking a private jet membership.

Private Jet Charter - Is It For You?

Private Jet Charter - Is It For You?

When mentioning about traveling by a private jet, you may think it is only for the rich and elite class only. But in reality, it can be cheaper than the ordinary flights. This is because, with a private jet charter, you pay for how long you on board. So to get a fair price, you can fly in a small group, such as 5 people. Compare prices between 5 people taking a business class at a commercial flight, and 5 people taking a private jet charter. You'll be surprised if the price of private jet is not as expensive as you think.

Nevertheless, the type of private jet determines the charter price. Of course, the more sophisticated private jet, the more expensive it would be.

Private jet chartering companies allow you to reserve your private jet at anytime, to specify the length of time and you can fly in group without the increase in rental rates. It is based on how many hours the journey or how far the journey would be.

So, is private jet charter for you? Assess your travel logs and how often you and your employees travel each month. If not always, conventional flight is more appropriate. However, if money is not your problem, then private jet is the best alternative as it offers so many benefits compared to those of commercial flights.

There are many of benefits boarding a private jet charter. Obviously, you can avoid problems such as long queue to get tickets, crowded airports, delayed flights, canceled flights, losing luggage to name a few. If the weather does not permit, you will be notified personally, and you can plan your travel more accurate. Other benefits are such as excellent food, superb customer service, spacious and very comfortable room, high security and privacy. If you want all those benefits and money is not your problem, a private jet charter would be the best option.

If you are interested to try a private jet charter, you can check a few private jet chartering companies listed below, most of them provide online quotes.

Happy traveling and enjoy your private jet charter!

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Private Jet Charter: Private Jet - Buy or Rent?

Private Jet Charter or Private Jet Ownership?

A business executive requires an efficient transport and fast to reach the destination. If not, he or she may have missed an important business deal. Commercial flights cannot meet this requirement. Therefore, many people, especially business people switch to private jet service. But the question is, should you buy or just rent a private jet?

If you buy a private jet, of course only you use it. The jet is always there for you. You do not have to search around to compare prices and do the booking. A clear disadvantage is you have to rely on this only vehicle. What if you buy a private jet to carry only you but sometimes you want bring you family members too? Of course you need a jet that can meet that demand. You can't switch to other size of jet at that moment. If you are a super rich person, than owning a private jet could be the best option for you.

Apart from buying a private jet, you can also buy partial only, namely fractional ownership. This type of ownership also has some weaknesses. What happen if all the owners choose to travel at the same time? This often happen during school holidays or weekends. There must be someone who has to give up. It could be you. Though you are not using the jet, you still have to pay all related costs, such as parking cost, maintenance cost and fuel. Is this fair?

The two problems above can be overcome by using a private jet charter. It gives you the flexibility in many aspects. In terms of availability, it is not a big concern, because there are many private jet companies offering rental services. In fact, various kinds of jets are available for you. Just select the one that meet your needs. Let say, this week you want to travel with family members, you can choose light jets. On the other hand, if you want to attend business meetings with colleagues, you can select perhaps a jumbo jet. Additionally you can avoid spending time making reservations and plan trips to the airport. If you choose private jet charter, a consultant will prepare all your needs.

Who said renting private jet is very expensive? Actually it is not so. You only pay for what you typically use normally per hour. But if you buy a private jet, you have to pay the costs in the air, the cost of parking, fuel and maintenance cost.

With so many benefits of a private jet charter, many business people tend to choose traveling by a private jet charter. It is time saving, cost efficient and flexible.

Private Jet Charter: 3 Key Elements to Remember When Choosing a Private Jet Chartering Company

Private Jet Charter: 3 Key Elements to Remember When Choosing a Private Jet Chartering Company

When you have decided to fly by a private jet charter, you should consider some key points before choosing a company. This is very important to ensure safety, comfort and value for your money.

1) Cost is not everything
Do not use the cost factor as a guide in selecting private jet chartering company. The cheap ones may ignore safety, where as the expensive one may not worth the service provided. The money you pay must match the services obtained. Therefore, make a research and do price comparison before choosing which private jet chartering company suits your needs. The fastest information can be obtained by doing some internet search. Pay attention to the customer reviews. With that, you can feel whether the private jet charter is appropriate for you or not. Besides that, take into account the rules and restrictions, because each company has their own.

2) Pay attention to the safety aspect
Security aspect is important and should be given primary attention. Even though air travel is very safe and very few accidents rates, this does not mean fatality cannot occurred. Get details about the company's accidents history. Also pay attention to the security policies.

3) Choose the appropriate type of private jet for you.
Private jets are available in various sizes and provide various types of facilities. Many private jet charter companies offer more than one type of jet. Therefore, you can select something particular, like very spacious area. That feature is suitable to hold meetings, to let everyone works with a notebook or give everybody to relax before reaching the destination.

The above key elements are crucial in helping you choosing the best private jet chartering company that suits your needs. Of course there are other factors as well. Therefore, always take some time to do some research on the internet and ask those who have used the services of that company. Good Luck and enjoy your private jet charter.

Private Jet Charter - 3 Superb Tips to Get the Best Deal

Private Jet Charter - 3 Superb Tips to Get the Best Deal

Most people think that flying by private jet is so costly. In reality, there are now many private jet carriers offer rental services with fair prices. What you need to know is how to get the best price. Let us pay attention to three ways to obtain the lowest price, and perhaps the best.

1)Look for dead heads flights
What are dead heads or dead links flights?
Usually, people choose private jet charter for a one-way flight only. Let’s say from City X to City Y. However, the flight became vacant when the jet returned to City X. In this case, usually the private jet chartering company will offer discounted price. So, this is your chance to get the lowest price.

2)Ask yourself the owner of the jet
Usually, a flight booking is done by the private jet chartering companies or booking agents. In that case, they certainly raise their prices to get commission. What you can do is to go to small local airport and ask. You will be surprised that you can save a lot.

3)Have a flexible travel schedule
A flexible travel schedule will help you to get the best deals. This is because more dead head flights you can choose. In addition, there are days where the private jet chartering company is not busy. For the sake of their business, they normally offer the best price. What you have to do is frequently do online search or contact the private jet companies. You may be one of the luckiest to get the very best deal.

When you have a budget constrain, but still want to enjoy the comfort and luxury during flight, don't forget to apply any of the tips above. The best deal of a private jet charter could be yours. Good luck!