Private Jet Charter: Private Jet - Buy or Rent?

Private Jet Charter or Private Jet Ownership?

A business executive requires an efficient transport and fast to reach the destination. If not, he or she may have missed an important business deal. Commercial flights cannot meet this requirement. Therefore, many people, especially business people switch to private jet service. But the question is, should you buy or just rent a private jet?

If you buy a private jet, of course only you use it. The jet is always there for you. You do not have to search around to compare prices and do the booking. A clear disadvantage is you have to rely on this only vehicle. What if you buy a private jet to carry only you but sometimes you want bring you family members too? Of course you need a jet that can meet that demand. You can't switch to other size of jet at that moment. If you are a super rich person, than owning a private jet could be the best option for you.

Apart from buying a private jet, you can also buy partial only, namely fractional ownership. This type of ownership also has some weaknesses. What happen if all the owners choose to travel at the same time? This often happen during school holidays or weekends. There must be someone who has to give up. It could be you. Though you are not using the jet, you still have to pay all related costs, such as parking cost, maintenance cost and fuel. Is this fair?

The two problems above can be overcome by using a private jet charter. It gives you the flexibility in many aspects. In terms of availability, it is not a big concern, because there are many private jet companies offering rental services. In fact, various kinds of jets are available for you. Just select the one that meet your needs. Let say, this week you want to travel with family members, you can choose light jets. On the other hand, if you want to attend business meetings with colleagues, you can select perhaps a jumbo jet. Additionally you can avoid spending time making reservations and plan trips to the airport. If you choose private jet charter, a consultant will prepare all your needs.

Who said renting private jet is very expensive? Actually it is not so. You only pay for what you typically use normally per hour. But if you buy a private jet, you have to pay the costs in the air, the cost of parking, fuel and maintenance cost.

With so many benefits of a private jet charter, many business people tend to choose traveling by a private jet charter. It is time saving, cost efficient and flexible.